Birch Bark Baskets @ Trapper's Den Wildlife Emporium

These beautiful baskets are made mostly in Ft. Liard, Northwest Territories,  by the Slavey Tribe.

These are decorated with porcupine quill work, dyed & natural, to make  lovely designs on the birch bark.

They are bound together with spruce roots or sometimes sinew, (artificial or real).

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Birch Bark Basket Display

Birch Bark Moose Call

$44.95 and up

Hand crafted from birch, bound together with spruce roots.

Leather strap

Assorted small birch bark baskets

inukshuk sculpting caribou hair

framed 7x9 $89.95

baskets from $59.95

Birch Bark Christmas Tree Ornaments approx. 3-4"

$12.99 - $19.99

Assorted Baskets

Lg. Berry Baskets 8" high

Round Baskets

3-9" high 4 - 7" across

Fruit Basket

9" across

bun basket

9x9 square

49.95 and up

heart shaped birch bark baskets

4 - 6" across

2" high

$79.95 - $149.95

heart shaped birch bark baskets

$79.95 - $89.95

Birch Bark, Stroud and Moose Hide Ornaments

$12.95 - $19.95 each

Porcupine Quills decorate the Birch Bark

Beads decorate the Stroud

Beads decorate the Moose Hide

Round Basket with Chickadee Design in Porcupine Quill

Round Basket

approx 3" high by 8"diameter