Northern Books

@ Trapper's Den



We have a terrific collection of books pertaining to the north, Children's books, Lois Holes gardening books, Bird Books, Plant Books, true Trappers stories, History books, etc.

Some of our Bestsellers:

Trail of 42   $12.95   

Descent Into Madness - Vernon Frolick- $22.95

Mama, Do You Love Me  (bb)  -Barbara M Joosse  -$10.99   -  Illustrated by Barbara Lavallee

Dangerous River (h/c) R. M. Patterson  $24.95    we also have other titles by this author

Wildflowers Along the Alaska Highway - Verna E. Pratt    $29.95

Plants of the Western Boreal Forest  - Johnson, Kershaw, MacKinnon, Pojar    $24.95

Tisha - Robert Specht   $9.99

B C Recreational Atlas   $23.95

Alaska Bear Tales  (vol.1 and 2) -Larry Kaniut  $18.95 ea.

Bear Attacks - The Deadly Truth - James Gary Sheldon   $20.95

Bear Attacks 11-Myth and Reality - James Gary Sheldon   $21.95

Good Time Girls - Lael Morgan  $16.95

Eyes of the Husky (comic strip- northern humor) Doug Urquhart  $14.95

Lg selection of Audubon Nature Books - Field & pocket guides $12.95 - $26.95

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