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Inupiat style,wood handle $25.95

Cultured ivory handle $21.95

polar fleece vests

lined $54.95

denim shirts with Trapper's Den imprint

available moose, elk, sheep, chickadee, bear


Fleece Jackets with wolves

mini snowshoes handcrafted in

Ft. Liard NWT


Hoof a Boo



Reindeer Door Hangers


Beaver Tail Wallet $64.95

Beaver Tail Coin Purse $24.95

Buffalo Wallet

Snap Coin Purse

Zip Coin Purse

Deerskin Wallet

Deerskin Change Purse

Wild Elk change purse

Mountain Goat Leather

Eyeglass case

Change Purse

Mountain Goat change Purses -

curved -

1 Zip -

2 Zip -5"-

2 Zip- 7 " -

Diamond Willow walking sticks $40 - 60.00